The project idea has been declared of mutual interest between the three partners and the project activities aim to achieve the outlined goals and objectives. The organizations have allocated roles and responsibilities during the project implementation process. The partnership is built on a common interest and is united by the belief that, with common efforts, the expected intellectual outcomes will contribute to and enhance quality training, adding new skills for learners, instructors and the education system as a whole.

Tsenov academy_logo

Tsenov Academy of Economics a leading economics and business higher education institution in Bulgaria with 80 years of history, 140 000 alumni and a well-established reputation in education, science and project management. It is composed by 4 faculties, 19 departments, a Scientific Research Institute, 17 academic centers and auxiliary units (including Centre for International Affairs, Centre for Educational Quality Assurance, Centre for Postgraduate and Continuing Education, Centre for Vocation Training, etc.). D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics is an accredited higher education institution.

The university employs more than 200 professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers, annually teaching more than 7 000 Bulgarian and foreign students in all three-study cycle of higher education (bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees). It offers full-time, part-time and distance-learning study in 17 Bachelor’s degree, 46 Master’s degree, and 16 Doctoral degree programs in Economics, Business and Administration.

The areas of specific expertise of Tsenov Academy of Economics are finance, accounting, audit, risk management, quality management and assurance, marketing, social care, insurance, tourism, commerce, social media, business informatics, entrepreneurship, international business, regional planning, public and business administration, business intelligence, e-learning, business analysis and forecasting.

The higher education institution actively participates as a partner of other European universities in various programs of the EU, in projects of international research funds and inter-university educational networks and multinational higher education projects. It has been approved by the Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance in accordance with the ISO standards for quality management.

Tsenov Academy of Economics has a full Erasmus+ Charter, and it is entitled to use the statute of “Erasmus University”. The International cooperation of the university is undertaken using bilateral framework contracts and via inter-institutional agreements under Erasmus+ programme. It has established 87 bilateral framework contracts and 123 inter-institutional agreements under Erasmus+ program with HEIs from Programme and Partner countries.

The Academy is a member of the European Universities Association (EUA), the Association of Economic Universities in South and Eastern Europe (ASECU), Black Sea and East Mediterranean Academic Network (BSEMAN), and the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB).

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European Strategic Partnerships Ltd. (ESP) is a VET provider institution based in London, UK, offering professional trainings in various qualifications, mainly in the field of Hospitality and Restaurant Management. The main direction of the company activities is the on-site corporate training for the management and operational staff of hotels and restaurants. The company works with more than 20 highly educated and experienced trainers, using innovative and interactive teaching methods. That is why the company is a consultant and training organization of hotels and restaurants in UK and abroad. In addition to its own theoretical base, the Company maintains partnerships with a number of hotels and restaurants where practical training of trainees is held and where they can learn the latest innovations and trends in business.

European Strategic Partnerships Ltd., having as its basic function philosophy the openness and the transparency at every level, uses classic and innovative methods for the implementation of the programs it plans and executes, always in conditions of open dialogue and participation. The main activities and experience of the company include lectures, meetings, seminars and open discussions. At the same time, the it carries out researches and studies that take public opinion into consideration, and contributes to the production and the promotion of solutions and suggestions regarding all major issues that society deals with especially, at the level of problems within municipalities and vulnerable social groups, as well as environment and life quality issues. The findings of those researches and studies that are carried out by European Strategic Partnerships Ltd. are forwarded to all competent bodies and chambers for the support of policies in favor of the society of citizens.

In the framework of employment, reinforcement of youth, start-up entrepreneurship and reinforcement of the connection of the professional qualifications, the company promotes the investing initiative through consulting actions and career guidance, in order to activate, guide and boost the insertion and adjustment of the members of the society to the labor market and the requirements of the modern financial environment.

Except the above mentioned, the main mission of European Strategic Partnerships Ltd. is to:

  • - realize the transfer of scientific results and technologies obtained and developed by public funded scientific-research teams, institutes universities and related European structures;
  • - support and promote scientific research related to the creation of competitive research products and innovation;
  • - commercialize competitive research products keeping the principles of market-oriented economy;
  • - realize an effective link between the scientific-research structures, economic subjects and governmental bodies and institutions.

The organization's team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of transfer of innovations, SMEs growth and development, regional and rural development, training and education. It provides consulting services to private and public organizations in the field of project management and implementation of EU funded projects, as well as consulting services in tourism and hospitality services and trade. The company has experience in development and implementation of different programs and initiatives, funded by EU and national funds.


Euroform RFS organizes training courses for more than 10 years and releases qualifications recognizable under the regional law. Since 1997 Euroform RFS has been organizing transnational mobilities under the framework of different programmes.

Being an intermediate/receiving organization of mobility projects, Euroform RFS has developed qualitative services offering the e-learning activities on pre-departure orientation and Italian language course, as well as ECVET and own tools in evaluating the learning outcomes achieved during mobility.

It also has been partner in numerous EU co-funded projects of Partnership (Leonardo da Vinci or Grundtvig) and Transfer of Innovation (PRO-STRATEGY GUIDE Conv. N. 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-36932, TALENT 4..EUROPE Conv. N.UK/12/LLP-LdV/TOI-594, BestVET Conv. N. LLP/LdV/TOI/2012/IRL, LEBEBO Conv. N. CZ/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/134003, SOUFFLEARNING Conv. N. DE/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/147321).

Participating in the projects’ activities based on VET education improvement and development helped to Euroform’s staff to gather significant experience in daily project management and administration activities as well as cross-cultural analyses, testing products, evaluation, dissemination and exploitation. Euroform RFS has successfully worked for more than 15 years in different EU co-funded projects in order to build and develop innovative training and during those years we have constituted experienced team which includes project managers, researchers, trainers, VET experts, IT and e-learning specialists.

Actually, staff of Euroform RFS is composed by 12 members and 7 of them have long-term experience working in mobility activities, EU co-funded projects, and have developed abilities in project management, research, training, linguistic and cultural preparation, vocational and career, etc.